Fall: A Season of Expectations

Happy Fall EA walk in fall, crossing a bridgeveryone!

Fall is my very favorite season for many reasons. I like the coolness that accompanies this wonderful season. I look forward to the celebrations to come, including my birthday and the upcoming holiday season. I look forward to our first concert that kicks off our season. A season that is fuEntrance to SCO Concerts at Thorne Hallll of great music.  I look forward to seeing the musicians in the orchestra after a long summer separation.  I look forward to seeing our audience, who is loyal and enthusiastic.


Santa Cecilia Orchestra Harpist during its Educational Program, Discovering MusicBut most of all, I love Fall because it signals the new school year for Santa Cecilia Orchestra. It is in the fall that we return to the many schools we serve through our Discovering Music Program. I will very much enjoy watching the faces of the children as they hear a trumpet, cello, violin, harp, percussion, oboe or trombone in their very own classroom. I will look forward to speaking to principals again, once again greeting the hundreds of teachers we see each year and welcoming the families that attend our concerts.


Welcome Fall!Horn Musicians of the Santa Cecilia Orchestra

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