Santa Cecilia Orchestra is more than just an orchestra . . .


What makes us so unique?

The music! 85 musicians of exceptional talent join to produce some of the most magnificent classical pieces ever written, liberally enhanced with a special focus on Latino music from both traditional and contemporary composers. It’s a sound that will take your breath away!



Tabout-page-conductorhe conductor! Sonia Marie De Leon de Vega is quickly becoming a legend in the field, as a woman . . . as a Latina . . . as a musician . . . as a leader. She brings a unique passion to the music as well as to her audiences.



The audience! Santa Cecilia Orchestra prides itself on its non-traditional audiences that include a strong core of music lovers mingling happily with hundreds of listeners who have never heard classical music before . . . families that share the experience with multiple sco_audience_aboutgenerations from grandparents to children . . . a range of ethnicities with a strong emphasis on the Latinos who constitute half of the population in Los Angeles but are rarely welcomed at cultural events . . . every economic stratum, from the well-off to the disadvantaged.




The children! We believe in the power of music to change lives and the best time to use that power is with the young. about_childrenSo we developed an amazing educational program – Discovering Music – that takes music and our musicians into the classroom to meet with students from grade school through high school and help bring music into their lives.



The access! Quite simply, we believe that music is for everyone. We have made a mission of bringing down barriers that deny people access to music. Our concerts are priced within reach of about-music-for-allmost and we offer many free tickets to others. We take music into schools and communities that are often ignored by the cultural giants of the city. And we schedule our concerts for days and times that allow everyone – old and young – to join in the fun.



We invite YOU to join us for the incomparable experience that is Santa Cecilia Orchestra.

Experience the beauty.

            Experience the power.

                       Experience the music.

                                    Experience IT ALL!!!